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Dec 2, 2012 11:00pm PST
38-year-old jerry rice. >> and fortunately i was able to go across the bay to the oakland raiders to have a couple good seasons there. >> after a year in seattle, jerry rice ended his 21-year in the nfl career. some say he stayed too long. >> i chose to play this game and i think it was the only way for me to decide when it was time for me to decide when to walk away. >> did you tried to get every last drop out of the orange. like i don't want a drop left. and i admire that. many times i thought maybe i had some left and i left back in the day. but i mean hey, he wanted every drop out of it. i loved that about him. >> his work ethic never changed. every time he touched the ball, he would run and score a touchdown. typically as a wide receiver, you need to turn up the field and run 10 yards with this team and then run 10 yards and come back. every time he touched it, whether it was 9 or 90 yards, he kept scoring the touchdown. you know, look at the rookie trying to impress the coach, but no, this is what he does. >> it's so funny. one off season we were training so hard that we had
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
. some months later i was going to a hospital, oakland california during my regular comedy routine and a patient covered with bandages took his hand out and said pavuvu. i greeted him and found out that the whole room was filled with guys from pavuvu. he opened his eyes and said bob hope when did you get here. i couldn't handle that i had to walk away. that was one of the touchest moments in -- toughest moments in my life. >> reporter: bob hope hoped to be a part of the troops at one moment, and the white house in the next. he entertained many presidents. >> it is my honor to give this to you. >> i like to tell jokes about a thing like this because it's one of the nicest things that's ever happened to me and i feel very humble. >> reporter: in 1989 he came to the bay area to take part of a benefit for victims of the loma prieta earthquake. >> we're used to this because we had an earthquake down in l.a. 1971. >> hi mom. >> hi dad. >> reporter: i'll tell you it was really something. >> it was really something i got up and ran around the house and the house got up and ran around me. >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2